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X-Mas Pack

Jerky House X-Mas Pack

Ho Ho Ho...

Santa visited Jerky House and left some sacks behind :)
We quickly filled them with a Christmas selection of our products and added a few gifts for you:

- Frosty, the only floating snowman in the world
- Santa, gives Christmas stress no chance
- Rudy, can open beer bottles with his antlers

Have fun and Merry Christmas...

Each X-Mas Pack contains:
1 x Jack Link's Beef Jerky Original 75g
1 x Meat Makers Gourmet Jerky Original 40g
1 x Meat Makers Beef Bar Smoked Paprika 50g
1 x Meat Makers Jerky Sticks Beef Original 40g
1 x SirLoin Beef Jerky Chilli 50g
1 x Zimbo Beef Jerky Classic 25g
1 x Top Herd Beef Jerky Smokey BBQ 35g
1 x Torrido Dried Beef Chips 25g
1 x Torrido Dried Pork Chips 25g
1 x Texas Joe’s BBQ Beef Jerky 25g
1 x Wild Chips 40g
1 x Wild Jerky Elk 40g
1 x Salmon Jerky Sea Salt & Black Pepper 30g
1 x Frosty, snowman rubber duck
1 x Santa, anti-stress ball
1 x Rudy, keychain

1 bag contains 13 of our products and 3 funny gimmicks

EUR 39.95 100g=EUR 7.37


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