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SirLoin Honey & Juniper Jerky

SirLoin Honey & Juniper 50g


Honey and juniper berries give a sweet touch of spring!
SirLoin Organic Beef Jerky combines maximum enjoyment with a genuine closeness to nature. Only the best parts of organic beef are used and refined with carefully selected spices. It does not just taste great, but is also a very high-quality protein source, while being very low in fat and calories. This combination makes SirLoin Beef Jerky a nutritious and healthy snack for any occasion.
Nothing other than nature!

1 bag contains 50g

59,95 SEK 100g=119,90 SEK
699,00 SEK (Package with 12 bags à 58,25 SEK) 100g=116,50 SEK


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