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Cheesepop Gouda

Cheesepop Gouda 65g

Popcorn made from cheese...

Cheesepop is a unique treat, made from only one ingredient: cheese!
The result is a pure and genuine product - which is also reflected in its perfect flavour! Cheesepop is produced using an innovative method: the cheese is cut up, dried and freshly puffed. This novel production process results in a unique "pop" with an intense cheesy flavour
The King of Cheese-Pop... :)

1 package contains 65g

37,50 NOK 100g=57,69 NOK
425,00 NOK (Package with 12 cans à 35,42 NOK) 100g=54,49 NOK


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Kaiserpalast Kroepoek

Kaiserpalast Kroepoek 80g

Original Prawn Crackers

Prawn crackers are a light and very crispy snack known and loved by fans of Asian cuisine all over the world. Kaiserpalast uses top-notch ingredients and the freshest prawns for its prawn crackers. So as not to in overpower the unique original taste, only a little salt is added to the prawn crackers.
Just like at your favourite Chinese restaurant...

1 bag contains 80g

19,50 NOK 100g=24,38 NOK
225,00 NOK (Package with 12 bags à 18,75 NOK) 100g=23,44 NOK


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Wasabi Coated Green Peas

Khao Shong Wasabi Coated Green Peas 280g

Japanese horseradish meets peas

Crunchy roasted green peas covered in crispy batter are given an extra kick courtesy of Japanese wasabi. It is a snack that will knock your socks off. In a practical resealable snack box.
For our customers who like it hot... :)

1 can contains 280g

65,50 NOK 100g=23,39 NOK
375,00 NOK (Package with 6 cans à 62,50 NOK) 100g=22,32 NOK


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